FatCow.com Rating and Web Hosting Review

FatCow.com Rating and Web Hosting Review

FatCow review. Since 1998, FatCow.com web hosting company has provided reliable hosting services for individuals and businesses alike. They are the leaders in small business hosting due to the fact that they have all of the tools necessary to help customers stay safe, protected, climb search engine rankings, sell online and more. There is no ‘bull’ in using one of FatCow’s hosting plans as they will provide support and assistance to help their customers build a successful online presence without breaking the bank. Their robust, all-in-one hosting solution includes everything that a user needs to manage his or her site for years to come.


FatCow’s advanced technology integrates a solid, secure network infrastructure, along with a free hosting plan security suit that protects against malware and data theft, which can potentially damage your website and – as a result – your online reputation. SiteLock keeps your website safe and offers ongoing business validation with daily malware scans, blacklist and anti-spam email monitoring, as well as SQL, XSS and website application scans. You will also receive a personalized security certificate to be displayed on your site, which is a powerful way to assure visitors that your site is safe. For a small cost, you can upgrade to the SiteLock Professional Plan, which includes all of the aforementioned features, as well as an automatic malware remover, daily FTP plans, file change monitoring, along with protection for up to 100 pages.

The security features on FatCow web hosting provider are custom built for retail purposes. In fact, this plan allows you to use the ShopSite Online Store and integrates PayPal. To make customers feel secure, your site has access to shared SSL, which encrypts transactions on specific pages.

Hosting Features

The FatCow web hosting plans include a new wind-powered web hosting that gives users everything they need hosting-wise while remaining environmentally conscious, as these new hosting plans are powered by 100% wind energy. All of their web hosting plans feature resources, such as point-and-click site building tools where you can create a professional-looking website in no time. The integrated Google Webmaster tools provide detailed reports regarding your site’s visibility on the major search engine. With your FatCow hosting plan, you will also receive application installation wizards, online store and selling tools, email, search engine and marketing advertising credits.

The web hosting package for this service is nearly perfect. We say nearly because the plan offers just about every feature but doesn’t have the flexibility of its competitors. This Original FatCow web hosting plan is easily comparable to most other companies’ midrange shared hosting packages. Instead of using the standard term “unlimited” for each of its offerings, it uses the similarly vague “oodles.” In that respect, this web host offers oodles of domains and subdomains under one account. You also get unlimited disk space, personalized email accounts and MySQL databases at your disposal. Strangely, you cannot reserve or park domains.

The top web hosting service offers enough advanced features to appeal to beginners and experienced users alike. The service integrates Google Custom Search, which enables you to search within your website. You also get Webmaster Tools, which provide you with right features to manage your website. The web hosting service also supports WordPress, Gallery2 and phpBB, allowing you to turn your website into a blog or add message boards and photo galleries.

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Review further. Whether you are a seasoned expert or new to hosting altogether, FatCow hosting company is your one-stop shop for all of your website needs. Their hosting plans come with plenty of ancillary amenities that you can put to good use and many come inclusive with a domain name, website builder, and script barn. Plans also come with $50 of social networking ad credits with Google. To help drive traffic to your site, they also include search engine marketing and a free Yellowpages.com listing. FatCow also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


FatCow web hosting supplier is there when you need them, 24×7. You can contact their support team, the Moo Crew, via phone, email, and chat. Building your website can seem like a daunting undertaking, especially if you don’t have previous experience in web design. They offer a wide range of services and tools to help beginners as well the seasoned web entrepreneur. A trusting and reputable host such as FatCow hosting goes above and beyond to make sure your website is – and continues to be – successful online. Their service architecture and dedication to customer satisfaction is highly rated by consumers.

Although this web hosting service is easy to use, it is always nice to have a knowledgeable fallback to consult in the event of a technical problem. An emphasis on customer service is part of FatCow’s unique business approach. For this, they have a team aptly titled The Moo Crew. We found this team to be average when we reached them by phone and live chat. The average wait time was over 13 minutes. It’s far from the worst wait time we experience in our testing, but anything over 10 minutes isn’t great. On the plus side, the site is wide open for tutorials and knowledgebases. You can even provide feedback right on the help page. Also, they don’t segregate the support received by how much you’re paying. The Moo Crew provides the same amount of help to every customer.

Review Summary

To sum up the review, FatCow web hosting company doesn’t take itself too seriously and manages to be one of the best web hosting services available. FatCow does not provide the flexibility of most of its competitors. Instead, it puts all of its focus onto one hosting package. As the hosting consumer, it’s easy to appreciate the fact that this service takes something as monotonous as web hosting and adds some humor. It also doesn’t hurt that they have a great balance of interface features, unlimited hosting boundaries and a solid support page.

8 thoughts on “FatCow.com Rating and Web Hosting Review”

  1. I always wonder about “paid” support. I guess I know that you get what you pay for, but why wouldn’t you at least offer SOME support without the consumer having to pay for it? I just do not think that is good business. On the other hand, I see many good features I could see benefiting my website.

  2. Wow, this service seems to be one of the best that I have read about, but now that I see the user review scores, I am not so sure I would use it. Thanks!

  3. FatCow I have heard of but never looked into. I am a first time web owner, I currently launched my first blog and I am running into issues with my server/hosting provider. I am glad I found this review. I am going to get in touch with them tomorrow and see if their services will work good for me.

  4. Excellent review on FatCow! I was going to use their hosting service a few months ago and ended up going with another company. I had wished I seen this sooner. I was thinking it was just some random new company with no legit feedback. I may just switch my domain name as well. It is free so why not!

    • What was the reason that you decided to switch? Did you find a company with more features or was it the pricing by chance?

  5. Always loved the name of this hosting provider :)) and their services are pretty good for the money I paid. The biggest downside is the Moo Crew which could be better as they weren’t always able to help me in a timely manner (it usually takes me 15+ minutes to get someone on the chat and it takes them another 20+ minutes to help me out).

  6. I read some other reviews on FatCow hosting and I must say that you are being kinder than you should be.

    LOL I have heard nothing but bad things about their customer service. A lot of people said they changed in the last few years because they became a larger hosting service so now their older customers get put on the back burner. I’m not sure how true this is but they aren’t for me. I need a good customer service staff.

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