Aternos Hosting Review: FREE Minecraft Server Hosting Reviewed

You know that Minecraft is a great game and becomes even better when you get your own server to play along with your gaming friends.

Minecraft servers can cos let a fee dollars a month but in this review we’ve even found a FREE server called Aternos.

The word Free can sometimes mean that the quality isn’t as good or it can be a scam to lead you in. But read on to find out more.

We’ve done the research for you and carried out sole performance a tests in our Aternos hosting review. So below we can give you the summary to see if Afternos is worth your attention.

Is Aternos Hosting for Minecraft good?

Aternos hosting provides Minecraft fans with free servers so that they can start running their own gaming network to play with online buddies. Surprising it is fully free, even the plugins and RAM.

Aternos minecraft hosting company as a motto: Minecraft servers – free – forever.
So as long as Minecraft remains free then so will the server.

In 2020, there are currently over 13 million users they have almost half a million gamers who use Aternos! The company has been in operation since 2013.

How Does Aternos hosting Work?

Aternos in the same way as other Minecraft servers and they also make it easy to get started.

To get started you just need to head over to their website and create an account to login. This will set you up with your own individual minecraft server. You’ll be sent an email confirming the setup is complete.

After it’s setup and you login you can invite any friends to join you. In our test we invited some colleagues and soon they joined us with creating online.

I was Surprised to find out that Aternos did not try any sneaky upsell a or distract our game in any way, like YouTube has ore/roll adverts that get annoying etc.

We figured that because it was 100% free we’d end up being spammed with adverts to try to get us to upgrade to a paid plan. But this just didn’t happen at all and there were no restrictions. We simply got what they told us, a free game server.

The whole setup process was really easy and simple. In less than half an hour we went from having no Minecraft server to customising our own Minecraft world.

Who is Aternos For?

Aternos Hosting is for Minecraft fans who want a free Minecraft server and don’t need anything super fancy with lots of RAM or extra features. The platform is aimed at smaller groups of gamers who want a shared network to hang out with a few friends online and without paying for it. So overall Aternos is perfect to get your started. The only downside was that we couldn’t change or modify the configuration files. So if you do need or want this the. You would need to go for a paid server such as Apex.

Aternos Features

  •  100% FREE Minecraft server hosting solution, Aternos offers a wide range of features including:
  • Full customisation. Users have the chance to adjust anything they want on the server so that the game is exactly the way they want it to be
  •  Mods and plugins. So if the vanilla setup isn’t your thing then you can add plugins or mods to customize.
  • Customised worlds. You can upload our own minecraft world such as parkour or adventure maps.
  • 2 core processor

Is Aternos Reliable?

Sometimes Minecraft fans are dissappointed if their online server goes down or has too much downtime. Also, it can be frustrating if you try to get in touch with the customer service team and they don’t get back to you. This is where it’s a car of you get what you pay for. With the paid services you do get a faster service and 24/7 support. So in that sense it is a different experience but we have to remember that is is free. The server uptime is still good and we did enjoy playing the game. If there ever is going to be downtime then you do let you know a ahead of time which is cool.

Customer support is really good and on our test support tickets the requests were answered with 24hours so this isn’t super fast but certainly not that bad either.

Any Limitations with Aternos?

Naturally, as free service, there are limitations. When you pay for a Minecraft server, you can either get a very basic server or you can get a huge server with unlimited players.
Aternos Hosting has a max capacity of 20 players. The amount of modpack’s and plugins also have limits.
The amount of Ram available is capped at 1.7GB.

Is Aternos Safe?
We’ve been asked of Aternos is safe yes it is safe. It may sound too good to be true but Aternos Hosting is safe and secure.

In our tests we had no issues with the server being compromised. Overall uptime was excellent and every Minecraft server is guaranteed DDOS protection so that attacks.

Another feature that Aternos offer is automatic backups incase things do get wrong,so yuh can revert back. So your Minecraft world will be never be lost.

Pros and Cons of Aternos

Like any Minecraft server, Aternos has its pros and cons.

  • it’s totally FREE forever
  • You can add up to 20 players
  • Excellent customer support
  • You never have to hand over your card details

* Limited to 20 players
* Limited modifications options
* Plugins are available but again they’re limited
* Can’t install your own modpack or modify config files

Conclusion Of Our Aternos Review: Is Aternos Good?

Aternos Hosting will hold great appeal to cash conscious Minecraft fans who want a network server for themselves and their mates. For a free service then there’s a lot to like here and you can still have a lot of find without needing to pay. In our test I played it with 5 friends and we had a blast! Setup is super as easy and you’ll never have pay as it’s free forever.