Negan Costume Walking Dead (Cosplay Guide)

Follow our step by step guide to get the Negan outfit style from the Walking Dead. Negan is a firm fan favourite and his style makes for an excellent Halloween or cosplay costume.

The baseball wielding character is very recognisable as a villain from the successful AMC Walking Dead show. The characters cool badass style of clothes would suit both guys and girls. If you are a fan of the comics or the television show then this is a perfect outfit perfect for cosplay and halloween parties, and if you’re brave enough you could wear this cool outfit for day / street wear as it’s a classic take the classic 1950s American style. Read on below to see our costume guide to a make your own Negan outfit that’s ideal for a great halloween or cosplay outfit.

Who is Negan?

The character was originally in the Comic book version of The Walking Dead and first appeared in issue #100 in 2012. He then appeared in the television show, where he was brought to life by celebrated actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In the story he is the leader of the “Saviours”, 500 survivors holed up together in the sanctuary. They respect and fear Negan as King. The group takes over other communities around the post-apocalyptic world in exchange for protection from the zombies or Walkers. He is brutal, foul mouthed and has a dark sense of humour. He usually carries a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat called Lucille, named after his late wife, who is mentioned briefly in the comics. As well as featuring in the Walking Dead comics and television show, He also recently had a unique comic released specifically focused on his own mysterious back story titled ‘Here’s Negan’!. His baseball bat and violence continue to compel fans across in both the comic and TV show.

Negan Cosplay / Halloween Outfit Style negan outfit

There’s a few things to consider when cosplaying Negan. The character is inspired by the punk singer Henry Rollins from the band Black Flag so Negan definitely has a biker/rocker style influence. He’s an easy character to create a dress-up outfit with, whatever your gender.  See below if you want to see a women’s version. The key ingredients are The Classic leather jacket, a bright red scarf / necktie and a big wooden 32″ baseball bat. Slicked back hair and  a charismatic grin help to complete the look.

The key Negan Costume items:

  • Leather Biker Jacket
  • Red neckerchief scarf
  • Gray Pants
  • Baseball bat
  • Leather Glove
  • Knife
  • White shirt
  • Black leather biker boots
  • Slicked back hair


The iconic jacket is similar to the leather jacket in the film Grease, as worn by The T-Birds including John Travollta. The motorcycle jacket that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan wears in The Walking Dead for his role is all black, made of leather, with two horizontal front pocket zippers. It is custom made for the show, but there is a quality replica available on Amazon.


The bandana or scarf that Jeffrey Dean Morgan wears in The Walking Dead for his Negan role looks soft and comes in a solid burgundy color.
We recommend using this cotton fabric which will allow you to customize it to your neck size instead of buying a bandana.


The jean  pants that Jeffrey Dean Morgan wears in The Walking Dead are dark gray chinos. They go really well with the black jacket.
The Lee Slim Fit Chino Pants are very similar to the ones worn by the character.


The bat that Jeffrey Dean Morgan uses in The Walking Dead for his Negan role is Lucille: his weapon of choice made from a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire which is named after his wife.
Here is a life size replica.


The knife that Jeffrey Dean Morgan uses in The Walking Dead for his Negan role has a blacked out handle and a fixed silver blade. It’s the Z Hunter ZB-082 Fixed Blade Knife. You can even paint the handle black paint if you want to.


Notice how Negan only wears one glove! The glove. It’s a simple black leather glove that he wears on his right hand to handle his Lucille baseball bat.


The boots that the character  wears in The Walking Dead for his Negan role are black leather boots with a buckle in the middle and on top.
The exact model are Frye Stone Engineer Boots but if they are over your budget, the Dingo Rob Boots are very similar.


Negan’s belt is a narrow brown leather cartridge which looks cool with the gray pants.


Negan always wears a plain white shirt underneath his jacket which creates a contrast in colors to the dark jacket.
You probably already have the shirt  already, but if you need another one be sure to check out this Lee Oxford Shirt.

Halloween Outfit – extra details

Here’s some extra details for Halloween…

Hair pomade – Slick your hair back to complete the look.
Fake blood – Smear it on your face for a perfectly Negan post-slaughter glee.

Once you’ve got the clothes and accessories together, slicked your hair back and perfected the casual-but-ready baseball bat pose, you can get working on the happy-but-completely-psycho glint to the eyes (it takes practise). Add a dash of God Complex and voila, you are Negan for the night. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Outfit For Girls / Women

You can easily make this outfit into a girls version for women like the photos here.