Create Your Own Biome With a Minecraft Hosting Server

Huddling around the flat screen, moving Minecraft bricks with your buddies is great fun. But, how realistic is it that you’ll get everyone together? Plus, you’re limited to the number of players by your gaming system. Hosting Minecraft on your home computer takes up too much disk space and can really slow down the gaming experience—especially when you add more players to the mix. You can rent Minecraft (or MC) hosting from any number of niche gaming providers, but why would you want to pay that extra money when you can just as easily do it yourself?

When you learn how to host your own Minecraft server, you and your block buddies will be able to create your own 3D worlds, survive monsters spawned in darkness (and each other), and go on team adventures with a Minecraft map created by someone else. Plus, you’ll have the resources to get multiple games going at any given time, even if you are not online (you can even charge a registration fee and make a few real dollars off your virtual world). If you have a VPS or dedicated server Web hosting plan, you have enough extra storage space to install Minecraft.

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Installation Tips

One of the great benefits of hosting your own MC server is that you have full control over the gaming configurations, just like you do with the rest of your server. Before you get started, make sure you have Java installed and Sudo access enabled. Begin by logging into your control panel via SSH access and create a Minecraft folder. Download the MC software from the company’s website to the new folder you just made. With Sudo, open the port you want Minecraft to work through. Make sure to configure your server to run Minecraft while you are not connected (the details for this step can vary from host to host and operating system to operating system). At that point, you can start the Minecraft hosting server and start building.

Management Tips

A Minecraft host has two main duties: moderate and promote.

As the Minecraft hosting moderator, you are in charge of controlling behavior in the gaming environment. There are filters and plugins to help you do much of the work, such as anti-cursing and anti-spam programs (the best way to resolve conflicts online is to avoid them to begin with). You can adjust the play modes (hardcore, spectator, multiplayer, etc) and even ban specific players if needed.

Those moderating tools come in handy the more gamers you have playing. Promoting your hosted Minecraft server is going to bring more Steves to your sandbox and more money to your pocket. The best way to do that is by being active online. Talk about your server in MC forums, set up social networks for it, and stream videos of gaming adventures on YouTube. Hopefully, you’ll make the list of best Minecraft servers and then other Steves will start signing up in droves.

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