Apex Hosting Review

Apex minecraft server hosting review 2019

Apex is a great hosting company for minecraft servers!

-It is a shared hosting, but not too sluggish
– Live Chat service is quick to respond to queries (but it’s not currently 24/7)
-It is cheap, prices start at $4 a month
-It has automatic backups
-It has DDoS Protection
-It provides a free domain

Easy to use and maintain, Convenient for myself and my developers to add plugins and manage members, and Fast to setup and implement from the start.

Completely reliable and always there to help you when you run into trouble. Prices are fair and better than most competition, it’s just all around a good choice.

I would really recommend it to get your own minecraft server up and running.


A Quick introduction

What is a minecraft server host?

A server host is a company that hosts or stores your minecraft game and allows access to people who want to play.
It’s important to choose a good minecraft server because you’re going to be relying on it to run smoothly.

Over the last few years I’ve tried lots of different Minecraft Server Hosts and these are the BEST in my opinion that I can personally recommend to you.

Some of the things you’re going to want to look at:
– server locations
– the amount of RAM
the more Ram you have, the better the server
– amount of storage
Ideally, a solid state drive (SSD) is preferable
– Reliability… If your server goes down, the game goes down for all players so you need to find a host with a high uptime guarantee. Apex also backup your server.

So what’s the best server hosting choice?
My favourite hosting option is:
Apex minecraft hosting

The server runs smooth, I haven’t had any issues with it.

Support is excellent.

If you reach out to them via the live chat or raise a support ticket then they reply fast!
Live chat is almost instant – they got back within a minute !
And when I raise a ticket for help they got back within an hour or so you can get the answer to your server questions.
1 click setup for all the modpacks you would want or need. There are looootts of modpacks available!
Prices start at 3.99 per month for a 512mb server which is similar to other servers like Game Servers. Or you can get 1Gb server for 7.99 per month.
So Apex is best on support, best ease of use and comparable on price to other servers.

Click the link below to check out Apex Hosting: