TeamSpeak Hosting Delivers More Than Just Enhanced Gaming Communications

When you need to bring all the sounds of the battlefield into your basement (or wherever your online gaming system is set up), you might as well do it right. TeamSpeak is the industry leader in VoIP group communication software. Not only is TeamSpeak great for online gamers, but businesses use the technology for organizational collaboration and educational institutions employ it in their virtual classrooms. TeamSpeak works with a number of supported platforms like Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS on the client—or gamer—end. On the server end, you can rent cheap TeamSpeak hosting from a few datacenters across the globe. Or, you can learn how to host your own TeamSpeak server to save a few dollars and take advantage of unused disk space on your traditional Web hosting account. The benefits are greater than you may realize and it’s not as difficult to install as you might think.

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In addition to the general benefits of VoIP like portability, application integration, and service mobility, TeamSpeak boasts a few advantages over others in the industry. The primary benefit of TeamSpeak is its voice quality; the microphone volume automatically adjusts, the background noise is reduced, and echoes are cancelled out. Beyond that, the 3D surround sound puts you and your fellow gamers right into the middle of the action instead of listening in from the sidelines. Plus, you control all the permissions so you can select who can join, who is allowed to speak, and what channels everyone belongs on.

TeamSpeak’s features deliver much more than just enhanced gaming, though. You can share pdf, Microsoft Word, and multimedia files, as well as customize the experience with skins and add-ons. Plus, because TeamSpeak doesn’t use too much of your CPU resources, your server won’t be bogged down.


If you’re an industrious gamer, you’ll probably want to avoid TeamSpeak server hosting and install the software onto your own website hosting package. Configurations can vary from provider to provider depending on your platform, but the basic premise is the same. Before you start, you’ll need to make sure you have two vital components: a dedicated IP address and SSH access. You’ll be securely accessing the server control panel from a remote location—unless you want to build your own server at home. But that’s another article for another day.

With those to prerequisites on hand, you’re ready to go. Start by downloading the TeamSpeak server software. Once downloaded, upload it to the home directory then extract, start, and stop the TeamSpeak script. Create an admin and subdomain password. Go into your server.ini. file folder and make sure your correct dedicated IP address is reflected. Once that is done, restart TeamSpeak and you should be all set.

Then you can connect with a client app on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device (Android or iOP) and form your virtual alliance. Or, you can talk smack while you pummel your friends into oblivion. TeamSpeak won’t judge.

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