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Shockbyte minecraft hosting review

Shockbyte Hosting coupon code

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Shockbyte has been around for 7 years so they’ve had time to prove themselves as a great Minecraft Server Host company for multiplayers. Shockbyte are fans of the MC game so they know exactly what you need from a hosting company.

They have several minecraft packages to suit your needs depending on how many nodes and players you need for your gaming requirements.

The more nodes you have in your package the more allocation of resources you get. By choosing a service with a larger resource allocation you get a guaranteed level of consistent service and overall gaming performance.

Server Performance

The server performance is where Shockbyte stands out amongst other hosts. They prioritise service, performance service and customer satisfaction is over just making money. With a regular hosting company you can have up to 100 users on a server but this slows the server down.But with Shockbyte they have fewer users per node so it stays fast so you don’t need to worry about getting a substandard performance whilst playing.

Shockbyte Servers

It’s important to know that hosting your own Minecraft game does require a lot more resources so you need a specific high powered server.

Shockbyte Minecraft Server Host is one of our favourite hosting providers for a reason. They have Best overall Minecraft hosting service with great pricing.

Recently they have upgraded their servers hardware to industry-leading processor like the Intel Xeon processor. They also have high powered SSD drives. SSD drives makes a huge difference to load speed which will affect the game’s ability to run fast.

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If you’re using a hosting service that doesn’t have SSD drives then you’re already out of date by modern standards and missing out. Each server is isolated and doesn’t share any operating system files with other services hosting Minecraft. To maintain that performance and keep stability, each operating system is Linux.

Shockbyte Network

Very similar to with GameServers, Shockbyte takes their network very seriously. They know latency is a big deal for gamers so they have created a premium network with data centers in Australia, Dallas, Los Angeles, Florida, New York City. They have a Similar reach to other companies such as GameServers with their 36 locations whilst also maintaining the quality of their hardware.

Shockbyte for MC Pricing

Shockbyte offer several packages depending on the size of your Minecraft community (and to suit all budgets). The lowest level package is only $2.50 which will get you started for a cheap price. They have serval packages depending on how many players you need. Prices range from $2.50 to $49 per month so they are one of the cheapest hosting providers and they have spent a lot more on infrastructure and performance, so it is a reasonable price.

Sometimes you just need the very best. When it comes to performance then Shockbyte are top of the class!

Shockbyte for Minecraft Summary

Shockbyte Minecraft Hosting is one of the best Server providers to hit the market. They decided they wanted to do something really different, they wanted to provide a service that is better than all the other providers out there. You might need to spend a little more but you’re going to get a far better service. They upgraded their servers to make them top of the range. Their servers created a network of data centers and embraces SSD drives, the future of hard drives and so much faster than standard options used by most other game host servers. If performance is important to you this should be your go-to host provider. They know what they’re doing, they’ve been hosting game servers since 2013. They don’t have some of the Minecraft features that other hosting providers have so they’re not as easy to navigate for beginners but performance wise, they really are good.