Mumble Server Hosting Puts Your Basement in the Heart of the Online Battlefield

Have you ever died on the virtual battlefield because you didn’t hear your fellow online gamer warn you about the rooftop sniper preparing to fire at you? How about dying when you couldn’t find your comrade who was trying to give you some of their extra ammunition because you were out of bullets? If you were using Mumble as your VoIP gaming communication software, you would have stood a better chance of survival. Mumble has a faster response time and better 3D audio than its competition. With Mumble server hosting, you can harness those and an arsenal of other benefits to help your binary battalion defeat the online opposition.

Mumble Features

With Mumble, you get so much more than a just way to talk with other gamers via the Web. Because the software is open-source, it costs nothing, delivers high performance, is incredibly secure, and gets updated constantly. Beyond that, though, gamers enjoy positional audio so they can keep track of where their friends are in relation to them on the gaming field, codec software for faster voice transmission and reception, and an in-game overlay to show the status of your fellow gaming participants. On the administrator end, Mumble provides advanced permissions for extensive control.

Mumble Hosting VoIP Gaming Communications Software

Murmur Installation

You can use Mumble on your desktop or rent a Mumble hosting package. But, if you really want to take advantage of everything the VoIP software has to offer and have total control over the administrative side, you can learn how to host your own Mumble server. The Mumble voice server—known as Murmur—can be hosted on any VPS or dedicated server Web hosting plan. A traditional shared plan won’t work; you’ll need the storage space and root level access that VPS and dedicated server hosting provide.

You begin the simple installation process by using SSL to connect to your server’s root user account. From there, you can download the most current version of Murmur onto your server and install the software package. Once it is installed, the next step is to put together some basic user settings: Make sure Mumble opens when your server is booted, set a high network priority to ensure low latency, and create a super-user password so you can access the administrative area.

From the administrative screen, you can perform more advanced configurations and better manage the entire account. In the mumble-server.ini file, you have access the database where the user subaccounts are housed. Plus, you are able to adjust the security settings, control connectivity, and oversee all user permissions.

Once you have Murmur installed and configured, you and your cyber soldiers can then connect to your Mumble server. Just download the Mumble client application for the device you will be playing on. Open the app, click the connect button, and add the Murmur server information.

At that point, strap on your headset, arm yourself with your favorite virtual assault rifle, rally the troops, and start hunting down some Internet infidels.

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