Updated: February 2018

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Our Mission

We are here to help you choose the best web hosting service according to your requirements. Please note that thedigitalsizzle.com is not a hosting provider; we list and review carefully chosen hosts for informational purposes only. Although we receive referral fees from hosting providers, we are committed to providing fully impartial, accurate recommendations of web hosting services.

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– the accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of any information, text, graphics, links, or other items contained at this website;

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– computer viruses, bugs, errors or defects in any software or services provided by third parties.

Web hosting providers are at liberty to change their promotions and terms on a regular basis, without notice. Always check the current terms on the hosting provider’s website before signing up for their services. If you notice an inaccuracy on one of our listed plans, please let us know via contact form.

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thedigitalsizzle.com analyzes the website logs to improve the value of the materials available on our site. Our website logs are not personally identifiable, and we make no attempt to link them with the individuals who actually browse the site.

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Like almost all websites, our web hosting review website uses cookies, mostly in order to track traffic coming from other websites and leaving to other websites. We do not use the cookies to attempt to link them with individuals to make any information personally identifiable.