At The Digital Sizzle we think it’s important to make sure you have the right hosting for your website. Hosting can make or break an online business, and we want to make sure that everyone following our blog gets the most out of the information we provide.

Hosting is a careful balance to get right. You want it to fast as this is a ranking factor. But at the same time not cost too much. You can go for better quality hosting and just put your one website on that server or you can put a collection of sites on A shared hosts.

You are going to need a review resource to make sure you pick the right hosting services out there. Our favorite hosting resources right here. So go have a read through now:

Host Mobi– is a great Site to find up to date reviews on all the top hosting providers. Check them out if you need any SEO help too.

Whenever going through these bits of information it’s incredibly important to get the most out of every resource provided. Go through every page and detail of the information provided on these hosting services to ensure that you are kept extremely happy with everything you do. If you need more information then feel free to visit our forums to chat. Things to look for in a hosting provider

Is the host fast?
IS the host reliable?
Do they provide good customer service?
Are you sharing an IP Address with any spammy sites?